This is the 1st book in an awesome trilogy by brilliant author Joani Lacy

Hollister House - Legend of the Banyan Tree

  • She had never seen a banyan tree, and it was far more impressive than she had imagined. In its heart she felt strangely protected by it, loved almost. It was as if the ancient tree had been expecting her …

    Eve Hollister needs to start over. Against her father’s wishes, she moves into her family’s decayed Victorian mansion and is quickly caught up in an exotic world of spiritualism and voodoo, propagated by an ancient banyan tree on the property. Battling her own private demons while confronting the misguided spirits of Hollister House, she needs help to put the lost souls to rest.

    From a New Orleans brothel to a small Mississippi town, the Hollisters confront their family’s dark history, unravel the mystery of the banyan tree, and lay claim to their rightful legacy.