This is the 3rd book in an awesome trilogy by brilliant author Joani Lacy

Hollister House III -The Witch and the Banyan Tree

  • Emotion caught in Eve's throat as she saw her father's face for the thousandth time, just as he had looked in the banyan tree on the night of his death. It hadn't been peace she had seen there in his expression. Not peace. Maybe there was no peace, ever, not even after this disappointing life. Maybe there was nothing. Or maybe there was something much worse...

    Seeking a new start, Eve Hollister came with her daughter, Allison, to Juniper, Mississippi to renovate the old family Victorian. At first, they felt a special bond with the mysterious banyan tree on the property. They could never have guessed that the tree was actually a portal for dark spirits that would manifest, setting in motion a series of horrific events, forcing them to finally flee Hollister House. Now, ten years later, they have returned to face their fears. The haunted Victorian had been victorious in the past, but evil cannot survive forever-not against the powers of good. 

    Follow these memorable, colorful characters in this third and final book of the "Hollister House Trilogy" as they travel through this fantastic journey that can only be fully imagined in the gothic Deep South; a romantic place of mysticism, voodoo, and undying love.