Joani Lacy has been entertaining Cincinnati audiences for over 20 years with her singing and playing the rubboard in her and her husband’s group, Robin Lacy & DeZydeco. The chank-a-chank, as the rubboard is sometimes called in Louisiana, is a metal washboard that is an integral rhythmic part of Zydeco music. She began her career as a vocalist in 1973, performing in Japan while serving in the USAF. Since then, she has toured in Top 40 bands and traveled throughout the Midwest and Southern states until moving to the Cincinnati area where she has covered jazz standards, blues and country music. It was in 1989 that Robin Lacy & DeZydeco was formed, traveling extensively overseas entertaining troops for the U.S. military.


Her writing career began as a hobby in the 1980s. After having an article published in The Cincinnati Enquirer in the early 2000s she was inspired to begin writing a novel. Having been immersed in the culture of New Orleans since the inception of their band, it was a natural fit to set her fiction in a Deep South atmosphere.


She has since completed the Hollister House Trilogy, a story that takes place in Mississippi where gothic imagery and voodoo queens collide in a haunted house setting made all the more scintillating by an enchanted banyan tree.

Joani Lacy

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Hollister House I Legend of the Banyan Tree --------- $33.00 Hardback     $23.00 Soft Cover

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Hollister House III The Witch and the Banyan Tree --- $32.00 Hardback     $22.00 Soft Cover


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Sorry's Run

An ex-model’s homecoming to the hills of Kentucky takes a supernatural twist when she is confronted with unexpected trauma and impossible intrigue fused with spiritual forces she never imagined could be real.

Sorry’s Run is a small town tucked away between the rolling hills of Kentucky and the Ohio River and steeped in history of pioneer women and the Underground Railroad. When stunning Shelby Jean Stiller is summoned back by her grandmother, she assumes it is just to help care for her ailing, cantankerous father. However, fate has something different in store for her. Tragedy, and her own near-death experience, opens her mind to psychic sensitivities she never knew she possessed. Just as she is beginning to unravel the layers of mystery surrounding the town and see how she fits into its future, and past, she vanishes.

Friends from her glamorous life in New York City team up with people from her Kentucky roots to find out what really happened to her, and what other secrets the town is hiding. The story and characters travel between Kentucky and New York, as well as between the past and the present, creating a dreamy world that is at once fascinating and frightening.

Hollister House 
Legend of the Banyan Tree
She had never seen a banyan tree, and it was far more impressive than she had imagined. In its heart she felt strangely protected by it, loved almost. It was as if the ancient tree had been expecting her …


Eve Hollister needs to start over. Against her father’s wishes, she moves into her family’s decayed Victorian mansion and is quickly caught up in an exotic world of spiritualism and voodoo, propagated by an ancient banyan tree on the property. Battling her own private demons while confronting the misguided spirits of Hollister House, she needs help to put the lost souls to rest.


From a New Orleans brothel to a small Mississippi town, the Hollisters confront their family’s dark history, unravel the mystery of the banyan tree, and lay claim to their rightful legacy.

Hollister House II
The Banyan Tree Awakens

A calm fell over the attic as the invaders left it to its peace. On the window sill a large bird ruffled its feathers and shook its black head. It came back to a restful perch and watched with beady eyes as three ghosts appeared; a grayish apparition leaning into a cane and dragging his bent body toward a sparkling vision of an ethereal man and woman dancing in the dark. 


In this second novel of what is to become the Hollister House Trilogy, Eve Hollister and her family and friends settle into the beautifully restored Victorian mansion to celebrate their first Christmas together, confident that the house is no longer haunted. But when Eve and Sippie visit New Orleans that confidence is quickly shattered as lingering ghosts manifest and more of the mysterious Hollister family curse is revealed. 


By taking the reader on an amazing journey through the romantic French Quarter and colorful carnival season of Mardi Gras, before traveling back to the Deep South of Mississippi with all its gothic imagery, Hollister House {The Banyan Tree Awakens} brings the fantastic fantasy world of Hollister House to a higher, spellbinding level, leaving the traveler begging for more.

Hollister House III
The Witch and the Banyan Tree


Emotion caught in Eve's throat as she saw her father's face for the thousandth time, just as he had looked in the banyan tree on the night of his death. It hadn't been peace she had seen there in his expression. Not peace. Maybe there was no peace, ever, not even after this disappointing life. Maybe there was nothing. Or maybe there was something much worse...


Seeking a new start, Eve Hollister came with her daughter, Allison, to Juniper, Mississippi to renovate the old family Victorian. At first, they felt a special bond with the mysterious banyan tree on the property. They could never have guessed that the tree was actually a portal for dark spirits that would manifest, setting in motion a series of horrific events, forcing them to finally flee Hollister House. Now, ten years later, they have returned to face their fears. The haunted Victorian had been victorious in the past, but evil cannot survive forever-not against the powers of good. 


Follow these memorable, colorful characters in this third and final book of the "Hollister House Trilogy" as they travel through this fantastic journey that can only be fully imagined in the gothic Deep South; a romantic place of mysticism, voodoo, and undying love.